We are providing several sample projects, based on those completed last summer. Once you register to host interns (click here), you can use these as a template, or use our checklist to customize your own internship opportunity.

Media / Event Production

Sample Project: 
Help coordinate a video shoot
Skills Utilized: 

Technical Skills Utilized

  • Basic video editing with Adobe Storyteller
  • Help schedule video shoots
  • Managed video assets, including archiving, tagging, categorizing, removal
  • Research competitive landscape


Organizational and Interpersonal Skills Required:

  • Manage time and keep track of scheduled meetings
  • Keep track of deadlines and progress toward milestones
  • Interact with a wide variety of people, and recognize stakeholders and authority structures
  • Maintain a friendly, patient and professional manner


Including the general interpersonal and organizational skills that your company values most will be helpful in matching students to your site. Students are screened for these types of skills; giving students a chance to develop them further is a core goal of the program.