The NYC Department of Education invites you and your organization to host interns through the CTE Summer Scholars Program. CTE Summer Scholars are public high school students from some of New York’s strongest programs in information technology, media,  graphics and advertising.

These students are available in July and August to work on summer projects for your company at no cost to your company. While supporting your business, they get valuable experience applying the skills they've learned in their school program.

Perhaps most importantly, you get to mentor some of NYC’s most career-focused high school students as they take their first steps to a career in your industry.

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"CTE Summer scholars has made me an independent person, it has matured me greatly. It also gave me a better understanding of my strengths and weaknesses, and an understanding of future careers."


CTE Summer Scholars helps students enrolled in Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs by minimizing summer learning loss, advancing academic performance, developing professional skills for career success, and gaining exposure to emerging fields of study and work. 

Duration: Monday, July 10th – Wednesday, August 16th (six weeks)

Schedule: Monday- Wednesday, 5 hours per day (Interns have class all day on Thursdays and Fridays).

Wages: Students are paid minimum wage by the Department of Education. THERE IS NO COST TO THE HOST ORGANIZATION.

Bonus: Students are eligible for aCTE Summer Scholar at the Brooklyn DA's office cash bonus, based on their attendance record at their internship, class and all program activities.

Student Selection and Placement: When you register to host interns (click here), there is an online form to to help you define a specific role or project for your interns. Use the checklist to tell us which of our students' available skills will allow them to contribute at your company. Participants will be 11th or 12th graders in the fall, and have successfully completed a selective application process based on input from industry last year.

Program staff will contact you to make sure we understand your needs, and work to place students with your company who have the appropriate skills.


Site Visits: To support you and your intern, program staff will visit your site before the program starts, and visit twice more during the summer.

Intern Support: CTE teachers support students in defining goals and addressing any issues that arise during the internship.

Supervisor Support: Program staff are on call to provide coaching and support as needed. Host supervisors will be invited to an orientation breakfast in June.

Networking Opportunities: An orientation breakfast in June and final presentations on August 18th (date subject to change) provide opportunities to network with like-minded professionals across the IT and media sectors – large corporations, start-ups, non-profits and government agencies. See the schedule for more information on upcoming events.