Scholars Share Their Unique Experiences at Brandfire



On Monday, July 18, CTE staff ventured out to Brandfire to meet with scholars and their supervisors. We dived deep into the scholar's eyes to see not only their perspectives on their work site, but also to receive feedback from their supervisors.


From the moment you walk into Brandfire’s offices you can tell the company is an energetic environment full of life. You sense a wholehearted exploration of creativity and playful whimsy (I mean they had a huge plastic chicken wing, what else can beat that?) In all seriousness, Brandfire works to enhance business brands through competitive analysis, positioning, visual identity, communications and platform creation.



     Chicken Leg at Brandfire's Offices


Even though on the surface Brandfire staff seemed laid back, supervisors were quick to keep interns moving and grooving by giving them assignments like scavenger hunts out on the NYC streets. Supervisors were really invested in giving our scholars a meaningful experience by encouraging them to step out of their comfort zone. Students were asked to sing and rap about companies they liked or develop a short interactive play featuring an exhibit they saw at a local museum, in addition to various other fun and unique assignments.


Our scholars have admitted that the unusual projects have helped them improve their presentation and social skills. They’ve learned to overcome anxieties about public speaking and presenting to an unfamiliar audience. They’ve also refined their skills in developing impactful powerpoint presentations that are direct, eye catching and uncluttered. Most notably, the scholars felt that having an opportunity to inform decisions at the company and receiving honest feedback- like “the fake blood did nothing for your performance”- made the experience a truly meaningful and memorable one. And of course, who will ever forget the chicken wing...