Frequently Asked Question

Q. Are the interns considered employees of my company? Is there a ton of paperwork?

A. No. The interns are hired by and paid by DOE. There is virtually no paperwork – we only ask that you provide attendance / hours and broad feedback on their performance.

Q. Can I host more than one intern?

A. Most definitely. We encourage host organizations to host at least two interns so they can benefit from the shared experience. Last year, some organizations hosted 6 or more interns.

Q. Are the interns paid?

A. The interns are paid by the New York City Department of Education thanks to a generous grant from Bank of America. THERE IS NO COST TO THE HOST ORGANIZATION.

Q. What work should I have the interns do?

A. We want to ensure that both you and the interns have a great summer experience. We are very flexible about what type of projects are suitable, and we would be happy to help you design a great experience.

Q. How experienced are the students?

A. The students who qualify for the program are among our best Career and Technical Education students. This program is designed to give the students valuable work experience to further prepare them for success upon high school graduation.

Q. When does the program start / stop? What hours do the students work?

A. The program runs from July 10th – August 16st. The students work Mondays – Wednesdays (for 5 hours / day, hours are flexible based on host organization’s needs) and attend class Thursday - Friday.

Q. What students are eligible to participate? Can any students sign up?

A. This is a special program for high school juniors and seniors in New York City Department of Education’s CTE schools who have passed a rigorous application process and qualified to participate.

Q. Do I need to interview students?

A. No. The DOE will match students with host organizations to simplify the process for host organizations. You will have the opportunity to meet your intern in advance of his/her starting.

Q. Can I have an intern if I work from home?

A. Unfortunately, it is not possible for interns to work in people’s homes.

Q. Do I need to be concerned about the intern’s work eligibility?

A. No. As the legal employer, the DOE screens all students for eligibility.

Please feel free to reach out to the program administrator with any additional questions.